Pack29MeetingWithAUGymnasticsTeam - 12

This past cub scout pack meeting was very exciting, probably more for the adults than the kids, in that we realized what opportunity these kids were getting. Getting to hang out in the workout place of the Auburn University Gymnastics Team!

Pack29MeetingWithAUGymnasticsTeam - 06

Pack29MeetingWithAUGymnasticsTeam - 04

Head coach, Jeff Graba
Pack29MeetingWithAUGymnasticsTeam - 09

My Alex doing what he does best, being a monkey!
Pack29MeetingWithAUGymnasticsTeam - 67

Although, this was a cub scout event, our pack is big on including the family. Needless to say, these 2 older brothers were happy to be included! What teenage boy wouldn’t want to hang out with collegiate athletes?
Pack29MeetingWithAUGymnasticsTeam - 65

Lots more pics here.