Next Weekend

By | April 15, 2006

Did I tell you what we’re doing next weekend? No? Didn’t think so! Well, my family and I are going camping. Camping, yes, I’m going camping! For those of you who know me well know that I’m a city girl. I don’t mind the outdoors, but I’m not one who enjoys mosquitoes, chiggers, getting dirty & sweaty, and “roughing it”! Sleeping in a tent? Haven’t done that since I was probably 2 when my parents took me camping (unless I’m just dreaming that up)!

Today we set up everything to make sure we had everything we need, like tents, sleeping bags, etc! Then, we had to go shopping for some stuff we didn’t have yet. As all this sinks in I’m taking it with a smile and a positive attitude! I give up a lot for my kids, so I figured I can give up a weekend of relaxation in the nice cool ACed home with TV, internet, and hot baths. No internet? Yeah, it will be difficult!

4 thoughts on “Next Weekend

  1. Robin

    I love and hate camping. I love the nature part of it and getting away of the craziness of the daily life but I hate HATE the bugs. Enjoy.

  2. Susan

    Hi!! I used to love camping. I keep saying that I am going to get my boys out to do it.

    I happened upon your site tonight while surfing. I am an Elementary literacy coach from Florida…have four boys…and LOVE blogging and cruising. We have a little in common.

    Enjoyed my visit and hope to be back sometime.

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