New Year’s Resolutions

By | January 2, 2007

I originally said that I was not going to make a list of resolutions this year, but I’m a habitual list maker and I just couldn’t resist the Mama Says Om’s Theme for this week. Here’s my uberlist for this year:

1. I will yell less & praise more.
2. I will frown less & smile more.
3. I will quit being so angry.
4. I will count to 10 before spouting off.
5. I will be a more positive person.
6. I will try harder to keep negative thoughts to myself at work.
7. I will be on my computer less and play with the kids more.
8. I will eat less sugar & more fruits and veggies.
9. I will cut back on fried foods and junk foods.
10. I will drink less Diet Coke and more water.
11. I will go to the dentist (terrifies me), but I do need to get braces.
12. I will make a weekly dinner menu to save time and cut back on eating out and deliveries.
13. I will suggest to Rob to go out on a “date” once a month.
14. I will get my hair cut every 3 months.
15. I will try to exercise more. (I’m not going to put a set # of times or whatever.)
16. I will do something really exciting for our 10 year anniversary (WOW!!).
17. I will pray more and be sincere about it.
18. I will read The Bible more and go to our church.
19. I will lose some weight.
(may add more later)

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