MLK Weekend in the Mountains with Friends

By | January 31, 2013

Over MLK weekend we went up to Blue Ridge, Ga with our friends the “S” family. We left Friday night after loading up the car. We arrived about 9ish, just in time to set up our air mattresses and hope in.
Loaded Up heading to the Mountains

Saturday morning we awoke to Mr. S cooking bacon. Rob got up and started cranking out waffles. After that we got dressed and put on our Waterfowl Hunting Jacket. The Drew went outside to see our dogs playing with the beautiful husky, Beckham, from up the hill who came to say hi. We also brought our hunting equipment like these Online Precision Tactical Rifles for Sale to the mountains and see if we can hunt some deer.


Once we packed the coolers for the day, we loaded up and headed to Duke Creek Falls.
At Duke Creek Falls

We hiked down to the falls and then back up. We had a picnic and then decided to take advantage of our location by going to the swinging bridge on our way back.
Duke Creek Falls

Duke Creek Falls

The S family

Hiking at Duke Creek Falls

I drove my Pilot carrying J and the girls, including Daisy. Rob rode with the boys and R drove. Us girls enjoyed sharing stories while listening to Maroon 5, Luke Bryan, and One Direction.

On the way to Duke Creek we noticed one area off the road that was hidden from the warmth of the sun, which was covered in beautiful icesicles, so on the way back we stopped to get pictures.
Icy wall on Richard Russell Scenic Highway

Ice along Richard Russell Scenic Highway

Fun at the swinging bridge.
J+R on the Swinging Bridge

Yes, it was 40 something degrees and yes, P took off his shirt!
Check out my guns!

We were at the swinging bridge for about an hour before jumping back in the car to drive the rest of the way back. We stopped at Merciers Orchards for some fried pies and fudge.
Mercier Orchards {Blue Ridge, Georgia}

Mercier Orchards {Blue Ridge, Georgia}

Fudge and truffles {Mercier Orchards: Blue Ridge, Georgia}

I guess we had a real sweet tooth, because then we stopped at DQ for ice cream! J and I made a quick stop at the store for a few things. J popped the enchiladas in the oven when we got back to the cabin. We enjoyed a quite evening around the cabin playing on iPods/Kindles/3DS and the like and watching movies.

lookin' from above

putting more logs on the fire

The next morning we woke up to another yummy breakfast prepared by our men. After we got cleaned up and dressed we ventured over to the Foster’s Flea Market in Murphy, NC.
Medieval Drew
As R said, “Murphy flea market is one of my favorite places to shop. Where else can you buy an assault weapon. a puppy, a nazi flag, and a funnel cake.” …and a Medieval helmet, right?

After that we went back to the cabin for some free time, as well as watching the Falcons play. I whipped up some hotdogs and chili.

The boys had some bonding time cuttin’ up fire wood and tending to the fire.
cuttin' up fire wood

Keepin' the fire

Ranger and Daisy got a long while outside, so they followed me around as I walked through the woods looking for cool stuff to take pics of.
Friends...for now

K was hanging out in the hammock on her iPod when I circled back around.
Funny girl

The next morning, we enjoyed another yummy breakfast and then loaded up our wagons and cleaned up the cabin and headed home.
Enjoying our last breakfast in the mountains

We did get some family shots before we left.
Our family

The "S" family


I’d like to just end this post, by saying that we are so thankful the wonderful friends we have in the the “S” family. We had a great time with y’all as always.

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