Military Funeral 2010::Biloxi, MS

By | April 6, 2010

I mentioned in an earlier post that we attended a military funeral in Biloxi at the Biloxi National Cemetery a few weeks ago. It was for Rob’s Step Dad’s Father, so Rob’s Step-Grandfather, Cliff. They buried Cliff and his wife’s ashes together.

My mother-in-law and my niece before the ceremony
JohnstonMilitaryFuneral - 03

Keeping watch before the ceremony
Day 81 {Military Funeral}

The folding and unfolding of the flag was something so intricate, yet touching.
JohnstonMilitaryFuneral - 13

JohnstonMilitaryFuneral - 14

JohnstonMilitaryFuneral - 16

Gun salute. After the gun salute, there was a recording played of Taps. It would have been much more real if it were played live.
JohnstonMilitaryFuneral - 25

I remember when going to Arlington National Cemetery with my grandparents growing up and of course, not feeling the full magnitude, of what I was seeing. Seeing these views, although not Arlington, it’s nothing less and the feelings were full-fledge. This area of the cemetery are soldiers that have passed most recently (2008 to present); some young, some not.
JohnstonMilitaryFuneral - 29

Click here to see all the pics from the ceremony

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