By | May 20, 2011

Recently found this on another blog…
1. Define trailer trash:
In the South, this is a derogatory term used to describe some folks that live in trailers.

2. What are your thoughts on WalMart?
I love to hate WalMart. I only go there because I believe that I truly save a lot of money.

3. If you could choose another era in which to be born and live, which one, and why?
Probably the 50’s because I’ve come to love all the retro stuff from that time period.

4. Tell me about a meal from your childhood, often served in your home, that you just despised.
My Grandmother used to cook meatloaf. It was not very good. When I’d find out that was what we were having, I’d call my Great Grandmother to see if her and my Great Aunt Sue would cook for me. My Granddad would take me over there, until they finally caught on to what I was doing. I was then no longer allowed to leave the nights we had meat loaf!

5. What’s your pipe dream, the one that’s way out there, that would take magic, miracle or untold wealth to bring to pass?
To be able to not work, drive a BMW, and not worry about money!

6. What songs/books from your childhood are the most meaningful to you now and why?
I’m not sure if there is just one in particular, but I know that I loved the BIG books that I had. Like this one you see my Granddad reading to me below.
Me and My Granddad

7. If you didn’t have the constraints of family, work, and time what would you love to be doing now with your life? I would probably go back to school.

8. Who did you have the biggest crush on in middle school/junior high – celebrity or real life?
I had lots of crushes throughout that time. I can think of several boys I liked in Elementary school, but none from that time period for some reason.

9. What is something you can’t seem to keep yourself from purchasing? Chocolate

10. What, specifically, have you done in your life that you are the most proud of?
I’m most proud of making it through college with a newborn.

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