Library Story #7

By | March 1, 2013


Turkey Baaaster

Ok, I have a work story for ya. It’s actually from back in January, but my student just reminded me about it. One of my student workers, Kelsey, was starting to read her textbook for her medical ethics class. She was in the introduction part of the book, where it referred to something about the unconventional use of the good ole turkey baster. Well, Kelsey had silently reread the sentence several times trying to make sense of the idea that the author was trying to convey. So she turns around and is like, “Ms. Lysha, what is a turkey băster?” (note the short ă sound!)”

Source: via MagnoliaMom on Pinterest

A smile sneaks it’s way up as I’m trying not to bust out laughing at the way she said it. “Kelsey, it’s turkey bāster, first of all. Let me read the context of how it’s being used.” In the back of my head, I’m thinking back to my days of trying to conceive and the ongoing joke on all the forums, like, etc, how people would supposedly get desperate enough to try artificial insemination at home. But before I go telling her that I wanted to make sure that’s how it was being used in the text. I read the sentence twice and read it aloud to her (the teacher in me) and began to explain it to her. Her cheeks began to turn bright red as she started laughing in high-pitched giggly way, which is actually quite funny in itself. I googled “turkey baster” and I came across this step-by-step article. I start reading it to her as she looks over my shoulder and is laughing hysterically as my co-worker (male) stands up to get a look at us, “What in the heck are yall talkin’ ’bout over thur?”

We stop laughing, look at each other, and just break out into silly giggle-ness again. Kelsey finally answers, “You don’t wanna know, Mr. Joe! You don’t wanna know!”

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