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By | February 26, 2010


Not sure if I’ve talked about my temporary evening job I’ve had since November. If you follow me on Facebook, you’re well aware. Anyway, it has been a true blessing. It really helped us survive Christmas. Unfortunately it has finally come to an end, but I’ve made a few notes during this experience. I’ve learned so much and it has really been a fun job. So here goes…..

    Did you know that you can rent lap tops at the library?
    Group study rooms?
    Extension cords and even power strips?
    There’s also DVD’s, Boxes of Rocks, and dry erase markers that you can rent out.

    And nearly all of these things listed above cause great heartache, disbelief, bad attitudes, rudeness, questions of why things are done the way they’re done, etc among the population of library-going students.

For those of you who have ever been on a cruise to Cozumel or Nassau you often wish you had one of these shirts?

Well, working at the library you often wish you had one THESE shirts!

I heard many interesting conversations. I wished I could have documented more of them. Here are a few conversations I overheard:

Some guy: (didn’t see him, just heard him talking on cell while I was at a back cubicle working): No, don’t text me. I’ll just find out the real way. I don’t want to find out if I made it from a text. I’ll text you after.

Girl sits on couch with laptop in lap: “Hi! I got an email saying I was in the top 20% of my class. I can be a part of this honor’s society group, but it’s a $75 application fee. Not sure if you think I should do that. Maybe you can research and see if it’s a scam or worth doing. That’s just lot of money when I may not even get in. Well gotta go, take my online quiz. Bye”

Guy standing in stairwell having what sounded like a very interesting conversation…”I’m not a GD socialistic…something or other…psychic…I don’t know what the future holds. We’ve effed up in the past and all we can do now is try. I can’t make any promises. All we can do is try and see what happens. Then, we won’t wonder what could have, should have, would have been…”

Situations observed while working at the circ desk:
Mat told a girl that was checking out a laptop that her computer was due back at 12:45 am. She happily replied with a huge smile on her face, “I’ll be 21 by then!”

Ok so this girl comes over to me and says she has a book question. She showed me the book while pointing down at the foreword by …. and prologue by…edited by….down at the bottom of the front cover. She wanted to know who the author was, but said, “Would it be who edited it or what???”

I’m looking……looking… And then I look up at the top to see the title and any other info it may say up at the top. It said “Shakespeare’s Hamlet.” I’m like (while trying not to BUST out laughing) “well the author would actually be (while pointing up the top) Shakespeare.”

With the look of mortification she said, “Please, please, pretend I didn’t just ask you that.”

I replied , “Oh, it’s no problem.”

The new fashion is girls in short running shorts with furry snow boots.

I guess this is a clue wear they’ve gotten this trend from:

A girl comes in with dry erase board, coffee, and Swedish fish.

Athletes I assisted:
#91: Jake Ricks (jerk)
#92: Cameron Henderson
One other really sweet player not sure what his name or number was.

Karlin Beck
Cydney Clanton

Leah Vining
Another gymnast, can’t remember her name.

Kristin Hansen


2 guys started coming in during the 2nd semester and they always wanted a group study room. They always wanted to renew it and since there was a high demand for them we’re not allowed to renew them. The rule is they can turn it in for 15 minutes and if it was available after that time they could check it out again. I didn’t really do anything special. I don’t think. I guess the only thing I did was check out any other rooms first, so that if there was a room left when they came back it would be the one they were in.

On my last night, he asked if they were starting to get on my nerves and I said, “No. Even if you were getting on my nerves that today is my last day.”

He was like, “Whaaaaa??? No!!!!!” He was so sweet and said, as he was walking off that if I didn’t seem again to have a good one or something to that effect. During my last hour, I wasn’t sitting at the front desk, but he still made an effort to peak around the corner and say Good Bye! It gave me warm fuzzies, which is not something that happens much. Just another reason this job will be quite memorable.

I’m sure most of these anecdotes won’t mean much to you, but again, I’m just documenting my life.

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