Letter to MB

By | April 8, 2006

Dear Alex,

I’m not one for writing sappy letters anymore, but I was just amazed over the week we spent together during Spring Break. You amaze me. You discover and learn each every day. I love it when you say T-to (thank you) after I say thank you. I’m trying to teach you to say you’re welcome, but I think you’d rather say T-to instead. When I say I love you and you reply with wa-wuv u. Then, I say you need to say I love you too and then you say three! That’s hilarious. I find it quite humorous when Drew leaves his leftovers on the table and you go behind him and finish it off! You also enjoy feeding Rosie. You sneak her food as she follows right by you side.

Yes, you have many sweet things about you, Although, you have a vicious side too! You have recently learned that hitting is wrong, but you do it anyway. You have no problems clawing your brother’s eye out. You also like to pinch and kick. When you do something wrong and I say no and you say NO! right back. Sometimes when I starting counting like a lot of moms do and say, “one! two!” you finish with three and sometimes when I finish with “three!”, you say five.

Lately when you’ve gotten trouble and time out in your crib when I come up there to let you out, you lay on the guilt trip by giving a big hug around the neck. Most of your hugs consist of you laying your head on my shoulder. You really like giving kisses, or as you say it “pisses!” Of course, they’re always good and slobbery.

You’re growing up so fast. Remember always that I love you!


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