You know you’re a Scout mom when….

By | July 19, 2014

You know you're a Scout mom when....

1. An every year fall family activity is selling popcorn door-to-door through your neighborhood.
2. You have camping stuff piled up in your living room (year round).
3. You don’t think twice when your entire families clothes smell like smoke when loading the washer.
4. You can remove an old patch and sew the new one in less than 5 minutes.
5. Your car seats 8, but you’re just a family of 4.
6. You take days off work to spend time in the woods and you actually look forward to it.
7. You have grocery trips where you spend $100’s of dollars and none of is for you.
8. You’re new favorite colors are blue/gold and khaki/olive green.
9. You know the Scout Law and Oath by heart.
10. You have no problem hiking for what seems like a half mile to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
11. You can pack for a camping trip less than 30 minutes.
12. Everything your child owns is labeled with their initials from their toothbrush to their underwear.
13. Your child flies half way across the country for 15 days to hike 90 miles and climb to an elevation of nearly 13,000 feet and this sounds completely normal to you.
14. Standing outside walmart trying to sell popcorn is an easy way to raise money.
15. Someone mentions a “Den” and while they’re talking about their living room, you’re thinking Cub Scouts.
16. You know words like woggle, akela, and Webelos.
17. You see two men/boys shake hands with their left hand and you don’t think twice about it.

Now, I know those of you who Scout Moms (past or present) can totally relate to these. I know I’ve not thought of all that we as Scout Moms know and go through for our boys. So please share!

For those of you who have boys who have not yet entered 1st grade, I highly recommend you get your son(s) involved in scouting. I promise you there is no better organization for your child to be involved with. Read my husband’s post as to why scouting is such an important part of our lives here.

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