iSpy Photo Challenge #2

By | January 19, 2015


Hope everyone caught some amazing photos this past week! Here are the 3 pictures I decided to share out of the many pictures I took.

I was walking to my car the other day and looked up at this tree. Something about it was interesting. When I looked at the picture after uploading it to my computer, I couldn’t believe the color of the sky in the background.

I chose this pic, because it was taken from the hip. “Shooting from the hip” means your taking a picture with your camera at hip level. This of course means you’re not using the view finder.

This capture of sun flare was completely by accident, but I like it. The sun flare isn’t covering up anything important in the picture and really makes the picture more interesting. Sometimes the mistaken pictures are my favorites

I would love to see your your interpretation of these 3 iSpy objects, so please link up to your blog using the linkup below. This week we’re gonna look for 3 things that start with the letter B.See you next Monday!
Happy iSpying!
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