Let's Play iSpy 2022

earth I had lots of ideas for this one, but these fall colors in my neck of the woods on earth are too gorgeous not to post.

2022-10-28 16.45.20

near I took this through a rain covered window Sunday morning when I was sitting in the car waiting from Rob to run into the gas station. I thought taking this shot through the window of this old house near me was different.

2022-10-30 09.08.10

starts with X I spent way to long trying to figure out what to do for this one and I could never come up with anything so…

garden objects (no plants) – With it being the end of gardening for folks, when this prompt was recently suggested I thought it would be fun since a lot of people are cleaning up their yards and prepping for winter at least for us in the Northern Hemisphere.

2022-10-30 13.23.34

your choice It’s always a bummer when you try to capture something and pictures just don’t do it justice. The other day on my walk, I saw this rainbow-ish/prism like effect through the clouds. It was gorgeous, but pictures don’t portray what I saw.

2022-10-28 17.15.11

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I’d love you to join along with us next week! Challenge yourself this week to step out of your comfort zone. Get low, go high, change your angle, get close, back up. Do something different with your shots this week! A couple simple guidelines..
1. Anyone can participate.
2. Since this challenge is meant to help you expand your eye for photography, try to take five new photos this week for the challenge. Or do as many as you got!
3. If you find yourself struggling, you may use one photo from your archive, but who will really know…
4. Link up here on Saturday or sometime before the next Saturday. You can use the button below or just a link would be nice.
5. Have fun iSpying!

Let's Play iSpy 2022

For next week the prompts you will be looking to photograph or iSpy are as follows:
– leaf love
– on your plate – quarterly
– monochromatic
– no humans allowed
– choose anything – monthly same vantage point

Suggest a Prompt! If you have a prompt you would like to do, please comment below or email me with your ideas! I’ll keep a running list of those and use as needed.

Have fun with it! Happy iSpying!