Here’s How To Balance Travel And Work

By | May 19, 2022

We’re all looking to make up for lost traveling time. The term digital nomad seems more appealing than ever with the idea of working remotely from a beach somewhere a life goal for many aspiring jetsetters. Yet the constraints of work can often cut back on the hours we plan to travel. If you have your eyes on more picturesqe places yet also need to work, here’s how to balance travel and work to fulfill your vacation dreams and still get paid.

Here’s How To Balance Travel And Work

See What Your Employment Contract Says About Working Abroad
If you’re currently working in a remote or hybrid role, read your employment contract to see if there are any provisions for working abroad for a few weeks. Some employers may allow you to work outside of your home country for a few weeks at a time. If you have an office abroad, you may even be able to work from that location. Speak to your manager and read your contract to see if there’s any flexibility for working abroad.

Become Very Organized With Your Digital Files
If you are working away from home for certain periods of time, it’s important to become organized so you’re able to work while traveling. This includes carefully organizing files on your PC or Mac. If you’re unsure what to do in order to better organize your digital files, the basics would be to create well labeled folders for each project and to avoid duplication in your files and folders. The more comfortable you come with organizing your digital files, the easier it will be to retrieve information on the go.

Arrange For Long Weekends Away
If you’re unable to work abroad for long stretches of time, arrange for longer weekends away to fulfill your travel bug. You don’t have to travel outside of your own country or even city, but arranging breaks in local hotels, activity days and trips away can help you balance your desire to travel with the realities of your 9 to 5. Take advantage of national holidays and your annual leave to get as many days break in a row as possible.

Make The Shift To Freelance Or Flex Working
If you can’t escape the travel bug and are even debating a job shift to achieve this goal, you aren’t alone. Over 40% of people in the US wanted to ask their current employer if they could make the move to a more flexible schedule after the pandemic. If you can achieve that flexibility in your current role, good for you! However, if you do want to change your career, then choosing a freelance or flex-working role will allow you to balance your work and travel priorities from the outset.

Balance Travel And Work
The last few years have made us realize that life is short. It has left many of us desperately looking forward to our next vacation. If you are looking to balance work and travel long-term, then we hope these tips put you on the path to a better work-holiday balance.

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