Friday Feast #2

By | April 7, 2006

Name a trait you share with your parents or your children.
I’ve realized lately that my 2 year old how observant he is. He notices change quickly. That’s a trait that I have. I notice even minor changes quickly. I’m not sure if that’s always a good trait to have though. 🙂

List 3 qualities of a good leader, in your opinion.

Who is your favorite television chef?
Rachael Ray

Main Course
Share a story about a gift you received from someone you love.
I’ve received so many wonderful gifts throughout my life. In 2002 on Christmas, my hubby gae me my Powerbook G4. It was a complete and total surprise. I love surprises though! I can’t imagine life without my laptop now. haha

How do you react under pressure?
I really depends on what type of pressure it is. Most of the time I’m pretty calm, but I do tend to stress out about stuff.

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