Finish the Statements Tag Game

By | March 25, 2009

Maybe I should be: cleaning, exercising, working, who knows!

I love the smell of: pumpkin spice, Cool Water, hubby’s tomato sauce cooking.

People would say that I: am shy until I get to know you.

I don’t understand why: so many people are inconsiderate and rude.

When I wake up in the morning: I try to think what day it is.

I lost my willpower to: stay in shape.

If there’s a dessert in the room: I’ll eat it, more than likely.

Life is: full of surprises.

My past made me: a bit paranoid.

I get annoyed when I: am in pain.

Parties are not a good time to: be shy.

Dogs are: lovable.

Cats are: encroaching.

Tomorrow is: going to be busy.

I have low tolerance for: rodents.

I’m totally terrified of: hitting deer in my car.

I always knew I would: get married.

Never in my life have I: used drugs or smoked.

High school was: was amazing!

When I’m nervous: I feel sick to my stomach.

Take my advice: expect the unexpected.

Making my bed: is so much easier having a comforter and not a bedspread like the olden days.

I’m almost always: sleep with my feet out side of the covers.

I’m addicted to: Diet Coke.

I want someone to: find a good full time job and do my photography business in my ‘free’ time.

I tag: whoever wants to do it!

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