I was looking on flickr at a couple Fall groups, which made me think of all the things I love about fall. I decided to start a list. Feel free to comment and add something about fall that you love, too 🙂

1. Candy Corn – not my fav candy, but I often buy them just so I can put them in a clear container for decoration. I guess I like the way they look more than the way they taste.
2. Fall Colors – orange, red, yellow, and brown
3. Cooler weather – It seems that in Alabama we jump from the Summer heat to Winter frigidness too quickly and we don’t really even have a fall, so I try to enjoy the cool days while they last.
4. Decor – I love fall decorations, pumpkins, apples, colorful leaves, scarecrows, and lots more.
5. Smells – I love the smell of pumpkin spice candles that I use only during the months of October and November.
6. Fun Fall crafts – When I was teaching I always loved finding new activities that had to do with fall. I know I always found lots of fun crafts in the Family Fun Magazine.
7. Fall recipes – It’s always been enjoyable to me to find new recipes and cute things to make with the kids. Here’s a nice list that I’m going to check out, try, and if any of them turn out awesome, I’ll write about them over on my cooking blog. 🙂