Drew’s 17th Birthday

By | January 23, 2015

Family Friday {Drew’s 17th Birthday Edition}

Today my oldest turns 17! How can it be? It’s amazing how things change, but also how they stay the same. It’s really crazy to think that I’m old enough to have a 17 year old! Heck, I feel like just a couple years ago I was 17!

I’ve typed and backspaced so many times on this post trying to convey so many feelings. So for now I’m going to quit the madness and maybe at some point my brain can come up with words to really express what my heart is feeling today.

Happy birthday to Drew! Hope your 17th birthday is the best!
Once a week share with your readers a little more personal information about what's going in your life and with your family in a post called Family Friday.  This edition I share about my oldest son turning 17.

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2 thoughts on “Drew’s 17th Birthday

  1. Kiki

    Happy Birthday to your son! What a blessing that you were able to document his birthdays on your blog since 2005! I wish you the best of weekends. (:


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