Currently – June 2018

By | June 6, 2018

I’ve missed one of my favorite posts the last couple months, so this month I’m so happy I remembered to do my Currently post for June. Be sure and check out Anne and Sarah for this month’s link-up.

/traveling/ This month, I am staying home and enjoying (hopefully) getting stuff done around the house. Honestly, my Fibro is kicking my butt lately and I’m just not feeling like doing much of anything, but when I have the energy I have a new ‘toy’ that I hope to be sharing with you soon. This is a hint:
Currently - June 2018

/grilling/ I love to grill out. I will do the grilling on week nights when Rob is still at work, but on weekends he reigns as the Grill Master. I have a few new marinades I want to try, but I’m also going to grill out this corn and these wings. They are too irresistible to not have at least once in the summer!

/exploring/ I want to explore more “old stuff” as in cemeteries and thrift stores. I’d like to find some old places to practice photography, like outside old motels, mills, etc.

/planting/ I have some pieces of plants that I propagated from another plant that I have. It actually first happened on accident and I didn’t have time to replant it, so I just stuck it in a glass with water. Well, then I decided to pull more off of the plant so I have a whole glass full that I want to replant and see how they do. I also have some pepper seeds I want to plant and as well as some avocado seeds, I want to try and root.
Currently - June 2018

/playing/ The other day I found a new game called Trigon for your smart phone. I have had 1010! on my phone for years, but honestly I suck at it.

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  1. Anne

    Ooh such a great idea for practicing photography.

    Thanks for joining in 🙂


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