I kept seeing everyone’s Currently post and I was like “Yeah, I did that post already. Turns out I was thinking of my June Currently post” *eye roll*

/eating/ I have mentioned numerous time over the last several months that I’m just in a food slump. Not in the mood to cook or really eat for that matter. I just get tired of always thinking about what to eat and I’m never really in the mood to cook. So I decided to give Blue Apron a try. I get my first shipment next Friday. I hope to share the meals with you. I’m really hoping to branch out with some fish/shrimp dishes. Those are not items I feel comfortable cooking and don’t really cook ever except when Rob and I decide to do fried shrimp. Anyone else tried a meal kit service before?

/feeling/ good. The appointment I was concerned about the other day went well. *sigh of relief*

/going/ to celebrate Rob tomorrow as he turns 46! What?!?!

I have a few idea for this Everything Bagel seasoning.

Awhile back the waffle maker we had broke and so I finally decided to order a new one.

I saw these flip flops and decided I could use another pair of flip flops so I order them.

I needed a new wallet and I ordered this one. It’s a little too small, but I’m thinking of ordering another one to hold the rest of my stuff. Have one with all the cards/ID’s I need on a daily basis and then have a 2nd one for gift cards and other cards I don’t need as often.

/realizing/ I have been so busy this week catching up from vacation that I haven’t taken a single picture for our iSpy tomorrow! :-/ I better go get on that.

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