Currently – July 2021

By | July 9, 2021

I kept seeing everyone’s Currently post and I was like “Yeah, I did that post already. Turns out I was thinking of my June Currently post” *eye roll*

/eating/ I have mentioned numerous time over the last several months that I’m just in a food slump. Not in the mood to cook or really eat for that matter. I just get tired of always thinking about what to eat and I’m never really in the mood to cook. So I decided to give Blue Apron a try. I get my first shipment next Friday. I hope to share the meals with you. I’m really hoping to branch out with some fish/shrimp dishes. Those are not items I feel comfortable cooking and don’t really cook ever except when Rob and I decide to do fried shrimp. Anyone else tried a meal kit service before?

/feeling/ good. The appointment I was concerned about the other day went well. *sigh of relief*

/going/ to celebrate Rob tomorrow as he turns 46! What?!?!

I have a few idea for this Everything Bagel seasoning.

Awhile back the waffle maker we had broke and so I finally decided to order a new one.

I saw these flip flops and decided I could use another pair of flip flops so I order them.

I needed a new wallet and I ordered this one. It’s a little too small, but I’m thinking of ordering another one to hold the rest of my stuff. Have one with all the cards/ID’s I need on a daily basis and then have a 2nd one for gift cards and other cards I don’t need as often.

/realizing/ I have been so busy this week catching up from vacation that I haven’t taken a single picture for our iSpy tomorrow! :-/ I better go get on that.

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5 thoughts on “Currently – July 2021

  1. Joanne

    I have not tried a meal subscription service but have toyed with the idea just to not have to always come up with ideas for dinner.

  2. Natasha

    I am in a cooking and eating slump too. Especially eating. Blah. We gave my best friend a meal subscription for her birthday for a few weeks and she LOVED it. They have continued the subscription and she says it has made cooking so much better. I’m glad to hear the appointment went well. Phew.

  3. Anne

    I love Blue Apron for when I’m feeling in a rut! Some of the recipes are more involved than my usual cooking style, but they’re always delicious, and I love how much better I have gotten at cooking shrimp/fish because of Blue Apron. Hope you have some tasty ones too… but if nothing else, there’s always waffles! 🙂


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