I blinked and June is over. Here’s my Currently post for July! Hope you’re having a great Summer so far.

Currently - July 2020

I’m cooking… several shrimp recipes that I did back in Summer 2017 that I never shared. I need to make the recipes again and write everything down so I can share them with you.

I’m photographing… my garden. We were on vacation last week and my sis-in-law took care of our cat and my garden while we were gone. It rained a lot, so when we got back my garden has exploded with tomatoes! Peppers are bigger.

I’m sharing… a post about my garden soon, because it’s just so exciting.

I’m trying… to make it through The Office. Rob and I are on season 3 and it’s just so cringey!

I’m wondering… how in the world The Office is so popular. Someone please explain!

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