Currently – April 2020

The last couple days I’ve been sharing some new posts:
What’s Up Wednesday
Spring Break Trip 2020
I made a page of all our Spring Training Trips.

Well I’ve been writing a lot in the above posts. I hope to write a lot more over the next few weeks and get more caught up on all these travel posts I need to write.

I’m wishing and praying that none of my family gets Corona/COVID 19.

Hmm…What have I been investigating lately…I’ve been trying to find an inexpensive place to order candles online. Since Ross and TJ Maxx are closed right now, I need to find a place to order candles because I’ve about burnt all our candles up. Do ya’ll know if a place online I could order. I prefer candles $10 or less. I know shipping is slow and that’s fine. I’d just like to know some are on the way.

Well, I feel like all I do is buy groceries. I usually always order stuff from Wal-mart pick up, but I’ve had to go into the store for some non-grocery items we’ve needed since being home.

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