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By | October 20, 2010

…the new way of life for this household. I honestly can’t remember how much I’ve talked here about what’s been going on and on a normal day I would look back through my posts to see, but honestly…I’m too damn tired! *Did I just say that?* Anyway, I may not be writing here like I would like because I have no inspiration. I do find time at my evening job to read all my favorite blogs, one of which is still Rude Cactus, who I’ve read for years now. He wrote a thought provoking post about his daily schedule and life, so I told him I would be borrowing that idea. =)

5:30 Alarm clock goes off; I usually hop out of bed fairly quickly for a variety of different reasons one of which includes that Rob doesn’t get up when I do, so I try to turn it off to not wake him up. Waking up to the radio can be good, because it’s not so annoying, but I hate that the DJ starts to talk about TV shows from the night before. Um…hello, many people don’t watch LIVE TV these days. There is a thing called DVR! And I’m not one to hit SNOOZE, because the alarm clock is across the room, so once I’m up. I’m up.

5:35 – 5:55 Get dressed and do make-up and hair (which usually includes some powder and eye-liner and hair in a pony tail.)

5:55 – 6:00 Wake up the boys and make sure the 1st grader has clothes on his table for him to put on.

6:00 – 6:15 Pack my lunch, get a Diet Coke, and take my morning meds, fix breakfast for the boys (oatmeal, cereal, or toast. nothing fancy.)

6:15 – 6:20 Check my email and sign anything Rob didn’t sign for the boys the night before. Chat with the boys or run around looking for a shoe or jacket or a …. who knows!

6:20 – 6:25 Go to the bathroom, kiss Rob goodbye as he is still sleeping, and head out the door.

6:25 – 6:40 Drive to the school where I’m doing my long-term sub job about 10 miles away. Listen to the radio or CD depending on my mood. Eat a granola bar and finish my Diet Coke.

6:40ish – Arrive at school. Sign in, go to my classroom, make sure Math Morning Board is up, grade papers, check email, and as many other tasks that I can cram into the few minutes I have before the students come in.

7:00 – Students start coming in. They begin working on morning work and AR Reading and my day takes off at whirlwind speeds from there. I won’t bore you with my duties as a long-term sub, but there’s not much difference between what I’m going and what the regular teacher does, except the pay.

3:00 – As long as there are no meetings, I usually try to jet out of there as soon as I can. From there for the next couple of hours it’s not what I wish it to be some days, but what it must be as a mom. (Pick up Alex from Rob’s work. Go home, grab dinner. Change my shoes. Run one kid here, pick the other kid up there. Yadda, yadda, yadda. My lucky days are days I can sleep for a few minutes or at least lay on the couch and watch a little TV, but that’s a very rare occasion.) [[Fridays I head straight to my 2nd job for a couple hours to close. Usually home by 6:30.]]

5:15 or so – Head down the road to RBD aka Auburn University Library, where I work my 2nd job of the day. Depending on what I’ve gotten done before leaving I may run by a fast food eating establishment and grab some “oh-so-healthy-dinner.” Yah! Anyway, my job at the library is pretty easy. I get to work at the circ desk, help college students at the library, process new books, surf the net, and a variety of tasks. This is the temp job that I did last year from November until February.

6:00-10:30 – Do my thang at RBD

10:30 – Bolt out of there.

10:35 – Get home, bath, if Rob is awake we chat a little and maybe even watch a DVR’ed show, or sometimes go straight to bed.

So yah, my days lately pretty much consist of work, work, running around, and work. I hate that I’m not home in the evenings, to spend time with my family. I just feel right now, given this opportunity, it’s money I can’t turn down.
This doesn’t even begin to include the craziness that goes with the children, which I’ll talk about in another post…… Lateh

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