Conversations with Alex

By | March 1, 2012

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Me: Hey babe, can you get me a diet coke?
Alex: Sure Mom, I’ll get you a dieing coke!

Alex: Mom, I know a secret.
Me: Someone told you a secret?
Alex: No I have a secret.
Me: Oh, is it good?
Alex: I have 2 pimples on my butt.
Me: You do? You mean your bottom?
Alex: Yah, they’re big and brown.
Me: Those aren’t pimples. Those are big freckles called moles.
Alex: No, they’re pimples!

Alex: Mom, when were you born?
Me: 1975
Alex: Did they have cars back then?
Me: Yes, although, computers and cell phones weren’t things we had.
Alex: Woooooow (wheels just a turnin’)

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