By | January 21, 2008

Drew was honored to be asked to be a player on the Auburn Thunder Travel Soccer Team this spring. Normally you have to pay and go through try-outs, but the coach of the team called Friday night. He said he had seen Drew play and has seen his competitive nature, skills, and speed. We sat down as a family last night and discussed it and he was very excited to hear about the invitation. He, of course, said he wanted to do it. After having several seasons of rec league soccer, where kids don’t take it very seriously and don’t care much, the travel team should be right up his ally. The thing about it though is there’s 3 practices a week and a game, plus tournaments. Being that it’s spring Auburn Baseball will be starting and Drew and his dad have season tickets, so that was one of the negatives to this commitment. This is not only a major commitment for him, but a major time and financial commitment for Rob and me, but one that I hope he takes very seriously and enjoys.

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