Christmas Tree Shopping 2012

By | December 9, 2012

Yesterday we headed out to Wetumpka to the tree farm we found last year.

Somebody’s ready to cut one down!
ChristmasTreeShopping2012 - 04

Alex says, “This one is just my size!”
ChristmasTreeShopping2012 - 28

We quickly found this one.
ChristmasTreeShopping2012 - 03

And decided to cut it down.
ChristmasTreeShopping2012 - 11

The boys cut it down all by themselves this year. First time ever!
ChristmasTreeShopping2012 - 15

Rob was happy he didn’t have to get down there and help.
ChristmasTreeShopping2012 - 07

Off to get it shook and baled.
ChristmasTreeShopping2012 - 19

ChristmasTreeShopping2012 - 21

Alex concludes, “On 2nd thought, Mom. I think we should have bought this one!”
ChristmasTreeShopping2012 - 23

More pics here.

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