Christmas Day 2012

By | December 29, 2012

Christmas Day was busy. We started off with homemade sausage balls and apple strudals.
ChristmasDay2012 - 12

Then Rob and I looked in our stockings and the boys showed us what they had in their stockings, since that’s the one thing they can look at before Rob and I get up.
ChristmasDay2012 - 08

Then the obligatory pics in front of the Christmas tree.
ChristmasDay2012 - 04

ChristmasDay2012 - 06

Finally, what the kids had been waiting for since 6:30 am, the opening of the presents!
ChristmasDay2012 - 15

Daisy’s looking for hers.
ChristmasDay2012 - 17

Great gift, lil’ bro!
ChristmasDay2012 - 19

ChristmasDay2012 - 20

Daisy ripping open her 2nd present.
ChristmasDay2012 - 22

After opening gifts playing his new games.
ChristmasDay2012 - 26

My sweet girl hanging out in the kitchen (on my new pretty floor).
ChristmasDay2012 - 29

One of my new gifts.
ChristmasDay2012 - 30

Chillin’ with her big bone
ChristmasDay2012 - 39

Putting out snacks for lunch
ChristmasDay2012 - 49

Family got here and we enjoyed visiting. We ate a lovely meal of homemade pasta, sauce, meatballs, and bread. Then, the best part (especially for the kids) opening gifts from our family gift swap. Here’s my nephew who was super excited.
ChristmasDay2012 - 56

Everyone else waiting for their gift to be given.
ChristmasDay2012 - 57

See more pics from the day here.

Turtle Bars ~ Jalapeno Popper Dip ~ Sausage Balls ~ Hasbrown Casserole ~ Honey Baked Ham

Baked Beans – I used this Pioneer Woman recipe and it wasn’t worth all the work.

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