Christmas Day {2011}

By | December 26, 2011

Christmas Day was quite enjoyable. Rob and I woke around 9 am and couldn’t believe the kids had let us sleep so long. We jumped out of bed and got breakfast in the oven and unloaded our stockings. We enjoyed our breakfast of sausage balls and apple fritters.

Christmas2011 - 05

Daisy was very excited about what Santa brought; a braided bone and some doggy ‘candy.’
Christmas2011 - 07

Christmas2011 - 08

Christmas2011 - 10

After finishing up with breakfast and stockings we settled down in front of the Christmas tree to open presents. Santa brought the boys a balloon maker with the long balloons that can be made into balloon animals. Turned out to be one of Alex’s favorite gifts! Who woulda thought!

Christmas2011 - 16

Daisy did exactly as I expected. She jumped right in the middle of things after getting to open her first present, she wanted them to all be for her! I’ll post video of her ripping open her presents as soon as I get it uploaded and edited.

Christmas2011 - 24

After opening gifts and Rob helped the boys get their new computer set up we loaded up the car and tromped through the rain so that we could head up to Rob’s Mom’s house.

Drew and Alex love hanging out with Tara, who’s actually Rob’s cousin. She’s almost 22, but is so good with the kids. They played Wii for hours!
2nd cousins once removed (or something like that)

Making homemade pasta called Covatels. Here’s my brother-in-law cutting the dough.
Making Covatels

Making Covatels

It was another memorable Christmas sharing our time with family; eating, sharing memories, and laughing.

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