Carnival Horizon 2022 – Pet Cemetery on Aruba Beach

By | April 14, 2022

I’m continuing on with details of our day in Aruba. After leaving our lunch spot, we passed Baby Beach.

12°24’55.848″ N 69°52’57.264″ W

Not too far from there as we continued along the coast we happened across a huge Pet Cemetery. Around 1924, Lago Oil & Transport Co. was building Lago Colony now known as Seroe Colorado for their employees of the oil refinery in San Nicholas, the people started burying their pets here in this secluded place. Through the years the burying of pets has continued and it now stretches almost a mile long. (source)

12°25’15.642″ N 69°52’19.662″ W

12°24’50.832″ N 69°52’23.568″ W

More pics of the cemetery here

Maybe hidden military installation or entrance to an old mine?

12°24’52.284″ N 69°52’26.388″ W

12°25’2.832″ N 69°52’17.49″ W

You’ll find the Sero Colorado Lighthouse (the ugliest lighthouse I’ve ever seen. haha) about a half mile northwest of the cemetery.

12°25’7.866″ N 69°52’8.502″ W

We stopped there and walked out a little ways. So many different types of volcanic rock peppered with these barrel cacti, grasses, other cacti, and other brushy plants.

12°25’7.032″ N 69°52’7.062″ W

12°25’7.032″ N 69°52’7.062″ W

12°25’15.642″ N 69°52’19.662″ W

12°26’51.414″ N 69°52’47.514″ W

Aruba is a very windy island hence the wind turbines. The unobstructed trade winds from the Eastern Caribbean, the wind blows year-round in Aruba, peaking May through June, (average 35 knots). January is one of the calmer months with winds averaging 18 knots. (source)

12°27’34.074″ N 69°53’42.006″ W

Look for my next post where we visit Arikok National Park!

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  1. Joanne

    I think that is the ugliest lighthouse I’ve ever seen! LOL.


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