Carnival Glory:Day 11:Freeport

By | May 5, 2023

Today I’m reminiscing about our day in Freeport during the 2nd half of our back to back cruise on the Carnival Glory. Freeport is the main city on Grand Bahamas, which is an island off the coast of Florida. Those who will be travelling to the Bahamas should also Visit Pig Island to make your trip more memorable.

We had never been to Freeport before, so we were excited to rent a car and see as much as we could during our day there. We rented Inland Rental Car.

Freeport is the main city on Grand Bahama, an island in the northwest Bahamas off the Florida coast. It’s best known for the oceanfront Lucaya district with beaches, resorts, and shopping.

Driving on the left side of the car, but on the left side of the road. Notice the “Keep Left” sticker on the window.


Map the rental car company let us use.


I believe this is the Grand Lucayan Waterway, which we drove down to after crossing the Sir Jack Hayward Bridge. Just because it was so pretty. location

Our main planned stop of the day was going to be the Lucayan National Park, which is on the east side of the island.

Lucayan National Park

We paid our day use fee and took off for the short hike to see Ben’s cave, first off.

Ben’s cave

This is Ben’s Cave. You can descend down into the cave by using this spiral staircase, which made me a little nervous. You just never know about safety standards in places like this. Once you get down there, you’re stand on a small platform area. You can hear and see way in the distance the bats hanging from the ceiling. (I’m slowly getting over my fear of bats.)

Once you get down there and look around a little bit you turn around go back. Luckily there we weren’t tons of people there, so we didn’t have to rush.

Then you can follow the boardwalk and trail to the next cave. We enjoyed reading about the native plants labeled a long the path.

Burial Mound Caves

For this cave, you walk down some wooden stairs onto walkway to a platform with railing.

These pictures do not do these caves justice. It is a gorgeous sight to see.

Definitely some unique foliage on this island

Once we were done checking out the things on that side of the street, we put our bathing suits on in the bathroom there and walked to the other side of the road to see Gold Beach.


The boardwalk was a little nerve-wracking to walk on because the slats were so far apart.

This is a beautiful uninhabited beach. We enjoyed the water for a bit before going back to our car.

We decided to continue east to see what else was that way. Turns out the east side of the island is pretty desolate.

We saw this huge antennae and upon looking at Google maps, I see its the Grand Bahama Auxiliary Air Force Tracking Station Antenna. Not sure if it’s still used.


We finally decided to turn around before getting to Pelicans Point because we just really didn’t know if there was anything worth seeing. Besides the map and signs, we were driving without using a GPS or Google Maps since we didn’t have service there, which is always quite interesting.

We were getting quite hungry and finally happened upon Bishops for lunch.


When I ordered the red snapper, I didn’t realize it was coming like this! So when I first met Rob, I didn’t eat anything off a bone…I wouldn’t eat fried chicken or rib much less a fish like this! Since being married for 25+ years, I now each those things. However, eating a fish with its head is not something I’ve made a habit of. However, when this came out I didn’t shy away from it. I dug right in. Now I had to learn how to pull the bones out and if you do it in the right direction they come out super easy all in one motion.

Rob had the deep fried cracked conch, which was good, but not as flavorful as mine.

High Rock Faux Lighthouse – apparently damaged during Hurricane Dorian in 2019.


Port Lucaya Marketplace

This port area is pretty. We ended up not really shopping, but walked around the port area before exploring more of the west side of the island.

Boiling Hole is a blue hole located off the Queens Highway across the road from the Allen Chapel AME Church in Rock Sound. This is such a pictureque spot. location

We drove all the way out to Paradise Cove, but needed to get our rental car back so we could get back to the ship in time to leave.


After getting back on the ship, we enjoyed watching us sail away. I got a nap in and then later that evening it was off to dinner.

Rob had:


Mozzarella cheese
Mango cream bisque
Salmon Coulibiac-rice and spinach filling, wrapped in puff pastry, oven baked
Bitter N Blanc

I had:


Broccoli cheese soup
Mozzarella cheese
Grilled beef tenderloin
Butter pecan ice cream

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2 thoughts on “Carnival Glory:Day 11:Freeport

  1. Joanne

    Oh wow; it all looks so wonderful (well, except for the bats– I am not getting over my fear of them at all). LOL.

  2. Leslie Susan Clingan

    How very brave of Rob to drive there!! The whole day looked lovely. The boiling hole, the caves, the little tucked away area of beach. In Panama, when we lived there, fried whole fish were sold right on the beach. I had a little trouble eating something that was looking at me while I did so. But like you, I got over it.

    I really, really want to go on a cruise. Have been saying that for about 30 years!! Probably need to make that happen.


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