By | April 27, 2010

Yesterday I got home and Rob had been sitting on our balcony. He said thatDrew had made a discovery while looking for a ball, which was a nest full of baby cardinals. Today I was able to go out and find them again.

Here they are. This is kind of hard to decipher, but I think they were turned over where you see wings.

This morning when I went out Mama and Daddy were both near the nest when I opened the door. They quickly flew away when they heard me.

Here’s Mama and the blur which is Dad. I have found since going outside several times throughout the day that Daddy hangs out in the trees above and Mama alerts him when I’m out there with this loud staccato chirp.
Mama and Daddy (the blur) waiting for me to leave

Here’s Daddy. He was still for a split second before flying to another branch to get a better view of me.
"Don't mess with my babies!"

Mama stays closer.
CardinalBirdFamily - 06

Here’s a view of where the nest is.

This afternoon when I went out I saw Mama sitting on the nest. I didn’t have my camera ready and it startled me to see her looking back at me. I was bummed not to get a picture. I tip-toed out later and caught her back on the nest. She sat there for several minutes allowing me to watch and capture her protecting her babies.
Mama Cardinal sitting on the nest

She got restless and flew to the nearest tree. You can see here she’s chirping.
Mama Cardinal not happy that I keep going outside

See baby’s eyes and beak?
Babies in the nest

She looks as if she’s asking me why I’m out there.
Mama Cardinal watching me very intently

I’ve been taking all the pictures from the top view. Up on the deck. This time I went around to the other side to see if I could find her. Her beak gives her away pretty quickly.
Pic of Mama bird around on the other side.

This is my latest obsession, so I’m sure there will be more pics. Can’t wait to see the babies open their eyes and beaks!

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