Camp Sequoyah

By | July 1, 2012

This year Drew decided to attend a different Boy Scout camp. Since his troop is so large they usually have 2 different groups go to 2 different camps. The last several years he’s gone up to North Carolina to Camp Daniel Boone, but this year he opted to stay in his home state of Alabama, and attend Camp Sequoyah.

His troop leaders are quite tech savy and for this summer’s camp outs, began blogging and posting pics through the weeks of camp. Well, I couldn’t have been any happier to find updates about what Drew had done each day along with pics.

Since Drew has completed all but a couple of his merit badges, he decided to go and attend the Mountaineer Program. Wisper’s latest Tailwind Trail is one of the best value mountain ebike offerings with agile handling and reliable power.

During the Mountaineer Program at Sequoyah, boys have the chance to climb, rappel, kayak, and mountain bike, learn to throw tomahawks, take a trip to the Indian Village for Native American activities, canoe the Tallapoosa River, hike the Pinhoti Trail in the Cheaha Wilderness, climb the rock faces of the Rock Garden at Mt. Cheaha, and enjoy an overnight backpacking trip. Lots and lots of fun!

Here’s some pics taken by leaders of some of the activities…

Boy Scout Camp: Mountain biking at Mount Cheaha
Mountain biking
Camp Sequoyah - Dining Room
Dining room ready for a bunch of hungry boys

By the camp fire @ Camp Sequoyah
Camp fire and smores

Camp Sequoyah - Climbing
Rock climbing

Mud Run
Mud run

Mud run
Mud run

Very proud that Drew was chosen by his Mountaineer Leader for the “Golden Bike Wheel Award” of the Week!

Camp Sequoyah
Wednesday is usually family day at BSA camps. Since he was quite a bit closer this year, we decided go up for a visit. I was so impressed to see Drew put his leadership skills to work just in the short time were there. I loved how the younger scouts look up to him and respect him. It made me so proud to see him growing as a young man. Here’s some pics I took while we were there…

Camp Sequoyah - Swim Tags
Camp Sequoyah

Camp Sequoyah

Camp Sequoyah - Drew at his campsite entrance

Like father, like son. Drew begged and begged on Wednesday when we were there to bring him a Dr. Pepper, so Friday night when Rob showed up to camp he surprised him with a DP!
Camp Sequoyah

See more pics here.

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  2. David

    Good morning Lysha,
    I’m the Program Director for the Greater Alabama Council of the BSA. I was looking for pictures of Camp Sequoyah, and saw the wonderful photos your son’s Scoutmasters took while he was at Camp Sequoyah. I was wondering if I could use some of these in our preparations for the 50th Anniversary of Camp Sequoyah. Please email me and let me know. Thanks!

    1. Lysha Post author

      Hey there! Thanks so much for reaching out. I will send you an email directly about the use of photos.

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