Books I Read – April 2022

By | May 4, 2022

Last month, I wasn’t thrilled with the books I read. It’s just crazy how I can be so enamored by a cover or a 2 sentence description and then as I read I feel really disconnected with the characters and/or the story line. Admittedly I’m bad about going into a book blindly without doing too much research, because I don’t want any spoilers.

Also, since trying to start reading again, I find I’m having a hard time rating books. I’m not sure what justifies the top rating of 5 at this point. I don’t fee like I’ve read a 5 star book yet, so hopefully after reading more books I’ll have a better feel for it.

For April, I finished these 3 books!

People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry

(4 stars)

I saw the book described with this quick summary: Two best friends. Ten summer trips. One last chance to fall in love. I just loved these two characters Poppy, who is free spirited and her best friend, Alex, the rule follower. Opposite in so many ways, yet they manage to come together every year for 10 years to take a summer vacation together. While each have gone through several relationships, you can’t help but wonder will they end up together. You’ll have to read it to find out! For those that have read it, did you love this story as much as I did?

In Five Years: A Novel by Rebecca Serle

(4 stars)

In Five Years is a love story, just not the one you think. After years of hard work and planning, Type A Dannie Cohan finally has it all: she’s aced a job interview at her dream law firm and her boyfriend just proposed to her. She goes to sleep that night and has an extremely vivid (wink, wink) dream set five years in the future involving a strange man she appears to be married to. When she wakes up, she can’t shake the dream. Dannie spends the next five years in a bit of a race against the clock, trying to get away from this dream scenario she fears. While this may sound like the set up for a romantic comedy, it’s anything but.

This one had me in the first few pages with the crazy dream that Dannie had. I could not stop listening after that. While there were things I disliked about the main character, I still couldn’t help but root for her.

This reminded me that sometimes in real life, we are so bound to our ‘plan’ that we forget to look up and look around and make changes, which will in the long run make us happier. I know not as many people liked book, but I did.


The New Girl by Jesse Q Sutanto

(3 stars)

After reading 2 romance books, I was ready to change it up a little. This next book is a ‘thriller.’

She’s a liar. A cheater. A murderer. And it’s only her first semester.

Lia Setiawan has never really fit in. And when she wins a full ride to the prestigious Draycott Academy on a track scholarship, she’s determined to make it work even though she’s never felt more out of place.

The New Girl…ugh! This book came out this year and I kept seeing it recommended as must read for this year, but I didn’t love it. This girl can’t win and it just made me so sad for her!

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