Back to School {2015}

By | August 7, 2015

Back to School {2015}

To my dismay, school is back in session as of yesterday. With a Senior and the other one starting first year in middle school for 6th grade, it’s a big year for us. I have to confess that my stomach has been in knots the last couple weeks with the reality of this. I’ve honestly been in denial. In fact, I didn’t want to shop for school supplies or go school clothes shopping. I had hard enough time dragging myself to schedule a time to take Drew out for his Senior pictures.

For Drew, I just can’t believe he’s entering his 13th year of school since Kindergarten. It is absolutely mind-blowing. People always say “It goes by so fast.” No, really. It seriously does. Sometimes when days are long and stressful, life slows to a crawl. However, that doesn’t stop your babies from growing up! Look at this pic…
Back to School {2015}

Alex has stepped into a new world called “Middle School.” I am not too nervous about this, because our middle school is awesome. When you ask Drew what year of school was his favorite he’ll tell ya, 6th grade! I mean really? Who liked 6th grade? I know I didn’t. So that really helps ease what would be a lot of anxiousness about this change. Alex is not organized or as responsible as his older brother, so that’s an area that I hope improves this year. He’s in advanced math, so I hope that he will work hard at that so that continues to be a strength of his. I know when I got to 6th-7th grade, math became the dreaded subject for me, which was sad because before that I always excelled at math.

Back to School {2015}

Such an exciting year for us! A senior in high school and a 6th grade middle schooler as well as both Rob and I turning 40, this has got to be the best year yet…Right?

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