Back to School {2012}

By | August 20, 2012

School finally started today! It was supposed to start 2 weeks ago, but just before school was out our state legislature decided to mandate schools to start later this year. For years they’ve been talking about forcing schools to start after Aug. 20th, because “it’s hurting our beach tourism.” Anyway, we were all happy for school to be back in session. I was real happy with the teacher that Alex got. Drew had Mrs. S for 3rd grade, so I was happy that Alex got her too! I think it’s going to be a great year. We had a good talk with the boys about our expectations yesterday after church, so we’re hoping to see all A’s this year!

Back to School {2012}

Here’s a fun little collage. This is from Alex’s first year in school, Kindergarten to now.

Back to School {2012}Click to see larger version.

Back when I was teaching I didn’t get pics of Drew, because I always left before he got up. 🙁 Makes me sad.

Here’s a collection of all my Back to School posts.

2 thoughts on “Back to School {2012}

  1. Kristal

    Oh I love the look back on pictures! How funny of the late start because of beach tourism! That would not happen here LOL!

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