5 Reasons to Travel Alabama Beaches #StayALBeaches

By | October 7, 2015

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Having traveled to many different coasts, I always enjoy the shining seas of our gorgeous country. However, there is no more gorgeous beaches than those right here in my very own home state of Alabama.

5 Reasons to Travel Alabama Beaches #StayALBeaches
There are many reasons why you should travel to the Alabama coast besides the fact they are beautiful…

1. Less crowded
Both Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are considerably less crowded than other beaches. Not only less people on the beach, but there’s also less traffic and shorter waits if any at restaurants. That right there is reason enough for me!
5 Reasons to Travel Alabama Beaches #StayALBeaches

2. A plethora of family activities
If you’re like me, you enjoy the beauty of the beach, but laying on the beach for hours on end is not my idea of fun. I find contentment on the beach for a few hours. After that, I’m ready to pick up and find a fun activity. On the Alabama Coast, there is a wide variety of fun, inexpensive places from Fort Morgan for a little history to ziplining at Gulf Adventure Center at Gulf State Park. I love the database that Gulf Shores.Com has: http://www.gulfshores.com/things-to-do/
5 Reasons to Travel Alabama Beaches #StayALBeaches

5 Reasons to Travel Alabama Beaches #StayALBeaches

3. Clean
The beaches in Alabama are among some of the cleanest beaches I’ve ever been.
5 Reasons to Travel Alabama Beaches #StayALBeaches

4. Great food
Traveling down to the Alabama beaches makes me grin form ear to ear, because I cannot wait to savor the fresh seafood. There’s so many amazing restaurants. For those traveling from the Northern states you gotta love the opportunity to indulge good ole southern cooking.
5 Reasons to Travel Alabama Beaches #StayALBeaches

5. Affordable
While vacationing on the coast of Alabama, you can rest easy knowing you are spending less. Hotels and rental homes, I find to always be cheaper. Even restaurants and activities don’t seem to have the mark up like big name beaches, like Panama City beach.
5 Reasons to Travel Alabama Beaches #StayALBeaches

Next time you’re feeling the itch to head to the beach, make it an Alabama beach!

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