2024::Mar 3-9

By | March 10, 2024


+ I have over 30 Apple Watch Bands…Yeah, I’m kind of addicted. I guess I should have put that on my recent post that asked what I collected! Haha! So I used to just have them in a bag, but wanted a way to organize them. I got this case for them and I love it.

+ Last week was Spring Break so it was a nice quiet week. I walked over to the student center on campus to see the new Aubie statue.

+ The flowers, especially the Tulips on campus are gorgeous!

+ Alex celebrated his 20th birthday with us (early). We went to Urban Wok for take out.

+ For dessert for Alex’s birthday, we got dessert at Yummy Villa (rolled ice cream)

+ The trees in the neighborhood are blooming. So lovely!

2 thoughts on “2024::Mar 3-9

  1. Tanya

    I can’t wait to see the spring flowers and Aubie statue when we’re there in a few weeks. Spring is such a good time to visit campus!

  2. Natasha

    That is A LOT of Apple Watch bands. And I can’t wait until our trees and spring flowers are blooming!!!


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