15 Fantastic Ideas to Make This Easter Spectacular

By | March 20, 2023

Easter is a time for family, friends, and of course – lots of amazing food! This year, why not try some new traditions or activities to make the holiday even more special? Here are 15 fantastic ideas to get you started!

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Create an Easter Egg Hunt

This fun activity is great for kids and adults alike! Hide colorful plastic eggs around your house or backyard, fill them with candy or small toys, and then let everyone hunt for them. Also, try to make it a competition by challenging participants to find the most eggs in a specific amount of time. Perhaps a dancing cactus toy can add to your Easter egg hunt; check out dancingcactusshop.com and have a fun game event.

Have a Scavenger Hunt

Instead of just finding eggs, why not make it a bit more challenging by creating a scavenger hunt? Include clues that lead to hidden eggs all around the house or yard. Also, make sure to have a great prize for the winner!

Make Easter Baskets

Fill baskets with chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, marshmallow Peeps, and other goodies. Wrap each basket in colorful tissue paper and ribbons. It’s always fun to find out who gets which basket! Also, feel free to customize them with special gifts for each person.

Bake Treats

Make some yummy Easter treats like hot cross buns, Easter cupcakes, or carrot cake. These are delicious ways to sweeten up the holiday! Also, don’t forget to decorate them with icing or sprinkles.

Hold an Egg-Decorating Contest

Gather some hard-boiled eggs and plenty of paint, glitter, sequins, and other decorations. Divide into teams and have a contest to see who can create the most creative egg. Also, you can even have a prize for the most outstanding egg!

Have an Easter Bonnet Parade

Grab your best bonnets and parade around the backyard or neighborhood in style! If you don’t have any bonnets handy, make them together as a fun craft activity. Also, feel free to add some decorations or even a few flowers for extra flair.

Visit Local Festivals or Fairs

Go out for some fun at local Easter events like festivals, fairs, or egg hunts. It’s a great way to get out of the house and enjoy the spring weather! Also, you may get to see some exciting performances or try some delicious food.

Plant a Garden

Get some flowers or veggies going in time for Easter. You can then use them as decorations or ingredients for meals throughout the season. Also, it’s a great activity for teaching kids about gardening and nature. Hire a landscaping company St Charles to help you design or build a new garden. Improve your garden’s pathways with Jacksonville Concrete Company.

Have an Egg-Tossing Contest

This classic game is always fun! Use hard-boiled eggs (or if you’re feeling daring – raw ones!) to see who can toss theirs the farthest. Award prizes for first, second, and third place. Also, you can even make it a team activity.

Make Some Bunny Ears

Raid your craft supplies to make some adorable bunny ears for everyone in your family. You can then take some funny photos for the Easter album! Also, make sure to include a few props like carrots or Easter eggs.

Play an Easter Trivia Game

Test your knowledge of all things Easter-related. You can make it competitive or just have fun learning new facts. Also, you can even make your own questions or try to guess the answers from a given list.

Easter Feast

Cook up a delicious feast for everyone to enjoy. Don’t forget the classic Easter dishes like ham, potatoes, carrots, and of course – carrot cake! Try this quick and easy roasted asparagus recipe for a tasty side dish.

Have an Easter Movie Night

Pick out some fun family-friendly films to watch together. You can even make it a movie marathon if you have enough time. Also, don’t forget to include some Easter-themed snacks like popcorn, candy, and of course – chocolate bunnies!

Take a Picture Together

Find a beautiful spot outdoors and take group photos with everyone in their festive outfits! These pictures will make great additions to your collection of holiday memories. Also, feel free to include some props like bunny ears or Easter eggs.

Participate in a Community Project or Volunteer

Giving back to your local community is always a great idea! Look around for projects that need help, such as picking up litter or donating goods to those in need. Or, you can even volunteer at a shelter on Easter Day. Also, you can talk to your family about other meaningful ways to get involved.

These activities can help make your Easter holiday extra special and create some fun memories that will last a lifetime. So get creative, plan ahead, have fun, but most importantly keep God and our Risen King at the forefront of all activities that day and leading up to Easter!

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