13 Things: 2006 (TT #17)

By | December 28, 2006

Thirteen Things about 2006

1. Drew had his first sleep over party for his 8th birthday.
2. My Dad came to visit.
3. Drew joined the Cub Scouts.
4. I got a new camera, a Canon Rebel.
5. Alex turned 2!
6. We went on 2 family campouts. My first time to sleep in a tent since my toddlerhood.
7. Drew caught a snake (and it bit him!)
8. My kids were Darth Vader and Elmo for Halloween.
9. My favorite Christmas gift was all the books I received.
10. I became an aunt, with a new nephew and a new niece!
11. We put our house up for sale.
12. We spent Thanksgiving in Spring Hill, FL.
13. We got a new 30-something inch flat screen TV!

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