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What's Up Wednesday - September 2020

What We’re Eating
I feel like this is almost the same answer as last month, but its true. I think I burnt myself out all these months being home and preparing/cooking lunch and dinner. I can’t seem to get back to meal planning and when I have a half done meal plan I don’t stick with it.

However, I have managed to make some yummy food, but didn’t write down how I did it. I made a chili soup, kind of just a more soupy version of chili that I loved. Oh and I made some cookies that are a copycat recipe from the Doubletree Hotel. Ah-mazing!

What I’m Reminiscing About
I’m still going through old travel pics and writing posts to catch up during this no travel time. Last week I got done with my New York/Ontario trip posts last post posted yesterday. I also edited the pics from when the boys and I went to Pensacola for a soccer tournament. Amazing how they change. This was back in 2016.


What I’m Loving
I am loving the cooler weather. For sure!

What We’ve Been Up To
Well I had en endoscopy Monday. I mentioned this the other day. I’ll be writing a post or 2 about that soon. Anybody ever had one of those done? Not as bad as I thought it would be (I think).

Besides that, we watched a lot of football this last weekend. Auburn played and won. I was super nervous about that game, because you wanna feel like Kentucky will be pretty easy game. However, Auburn football makes me nervous. Now this weekend against Georgia? I honestly have little faith we can pull that one out. I am a pessimistic Auburn Football fan…I just am.

What I’m Dreading
Uhh…I have been dreading the endoscopy, but am happy that is over with. Beyond that, I’m dreading going back to work full time. I have loved working from home. Not sure exactly when that will happen, but everyone is supposed to be back full time by November 30th. So we will see.

What I’m Working On
Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve been working on catching up on all our travel posts that I’ve gotten behind on. Most of them from 2016 because we traveled a ton that year!

What I’m Excited About
I guess I’m excited that today is my birthday! 45!! Sheeesh! How can that be. Happy to get to go eat with my family tonight.

What I’m Watching/Reading
Look for this answer in my Memories of the Month for September post that will come out in a few days.

What I’m Listening To
I’ve been listening to several podcasts lately. I finished Season 2 of Blood Ties – a really interesting fictional drama podcast.

What I’m Wearing
I’ve been breaking in my new sneakers. I love Blowflish sneakers and slip-ons.

2020-09-28 16.34.42-1

What I’m Doing This Weekend
This weekend watching Auburn play at Georgia. Probably watching more football…well there’s no probably about it. Rob will for sure be watching football. Not sure what else we might do.

What I’m Looking Forward To Next Month
October…Hmm…Nothing really planned for October. Going to continue to enjoy all the days I get to work from home.

What Else is New
Don’t think I wrote about this in last week’s The Weekly post. Saturday before last someone tried to break into our next door neighbors truck in the middle of the night. Then this last Sunday, my other next door neighbor called to tell me there were 5 cop cars in front of my house. I jumped out of bed to look out the window. I told Laura that it was probably some type of domestic thing. Then a little later the arrested a guy. Not sure of the story of all this, but on Tuesday (yesterday) a Uhaul trailer was in their yard. That’s a rental house so we never really know what’s going on. I wish the owner would just sell that house.

2020-09-27 08.19.38

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