What a Great Weekend!

By | January 29, 2006

Sorry I’ve been MIA, but this past week has been hectic. Friday we had an Auburn Diamond Club banquet. Then, my dad, who I haven’t seen since 2002 came to visit and I was really excited that he was able to come. We enjoyed the beautiful weather by walking around on campus while showing him around. We ate lunch at Chappy’s Deli and dinner at Cock of the Walk. Today we just hung out here and then we made homemade pasta for dinner. The boys really enjoyed seeing him. Alex has never seen him and Drew didn’t remember him. He lives in Colorado and works all the time. Every year when we go to Texas he tries to come there and see us. He’s just been busy the last few years.

So my dad just left and is heading down to Jacksonville, FL and then to Cocoa Beach, where he lived for a few years. I’m just so sad that he couldn’t stay longer and that we can’t see him more often. If I ponder on it too long I’ll cry, so I’m gonna go. I’ll post pictures later.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. monica

    wow that’s a long time without seeing your dad, i’m happy for you and i bet the visit is one the boys will not forget!


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