Week 44:2023

By | November 6, 2023

Here we are for another weekly highlights for Week 44 – Oct. 30-Nov 5, 2023

With Rob being out of town I got a lot done. I organized our extra closet in our bedroom. Before:

2023-10-30 17.08.08

2023-10-31 09.09.31

My current favorite candle

2023-10-31 09.54.07

I sat down the other day and felt something on my arm and ended up finding this guy, who I think must have landed on my when I was outside. I ended up putting him a jar and letting him go outside.

2023-10-31 15.26.02

The fall colors are just amazing right now.

2023-10-31 14.43.20-1

On Halloween, I made a Keto friendly pumpkin bread. I need to tweak the recipe before I share it.

2023-10-31 18.18.48

Waiting on Trick or Treaters

2023-10-31 18.01.09

Kayleigh messed up her nose.

2023-11-01 12.21.22

Rob got back into town on Thursday so that was good.

It was chili Friday morning!

2023-11-03 06.31.39

We joined a church!! We are now members of Trinity Church in Opelika. In case you missed why we left our other church after 26+ years…Leaving My Church After 26 Years

2023-11-05 20.38.52

Such a beautiful sanctuary!

2023-11-05 09.45.10

One thought on “Week 44:2023

  1. Tanya

    The closet looks so organized. I need to work on that between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Happy Thanksgiving!


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