Week 38 [2021]

By | September 27, 2021

Last week was #38; September 20-26, 2021! Here’s some highlights…

I love cooler temps in the mornings.

2021-09-24 06.56.50

Look at this really cool pumpkin and acorn squash. Kind of a funny story about the pumpkin. I order nearly all my groceries from Walmart pickup. Last year I had ordered an assortment bag of pumpkins and gourds. A couple weeks ago, I thought I had ordered the same thing. However, when I opened the back of my car to get my groceries and bring them in, I see this very interesting pumpkin and I was like, well, ok! *laughing*

2021-09-22 17.37.55

Tuesday we went up to Atlanta to take care of some business and after that we took Alex to Andretti’s for some Go Kart racing.

2021-09-21 13.44.00

You can see he came in 3rd for the entire group of racers.

2021-09-27 15.08.01e

Before all that, Rob and I took little walk and I saw this really cool flower.

2021-09-21 12.35.09

Drew, Alex, and Caitlyn as well as her mom and Buster went downtown Friday night.

2021-09-26 19.43.43

One thought on “Week 38 [2021]

  1. Joanne

    I’ve done similar things with grocery pick up a few times too! Last week I thought I ordered a ham for a nice ham dinner and when it came in the thing was so tiny and bout the size of grapefruit! Definitely not what I thought I had ordered.


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