Week 35 & 36:2023

By | September 11, 2023

Last week, I was working hard on finishing and posting the last 2 Desert Trip posts, which you can find here if you missed them >>>> Day 6 / Day 7. So here we are catching up with the last 2 weekly posts (Aug. 28-Sept. 3 & Sept. 4-10, 2023)

On August 30th, Rob and I celebrated 26 years of marriage! We went out to the Waverly Local for dinner and drinks.

2023-08-30 18.33.42

2023-08-30 18.03.04

On Sunday, Caitlyn celebrated her 27th birthday. We went over to her Drew’s house so Rob could see their backyard they’ve been working on. We hung out before going out to eat to celebrate.


2023-09-03 18.35.31

A coworker of mine started making interactive board for the students/staff to add to. Last week’s was what shows you’re watching/binging/rewatching.

2023-09-07 11.13.12

Another creature on my tire. I hope this one flew away when I started driving.

2023-09-08 06.33.16

I went to the foot dr because I’m having issues with the outside edges of my feet. Turns out its a baby bunion and the one on the left bother’s me more. They recommended the custom orthotic route, so that meant having to up size my shoes so here are my new shoes that I have the orthotics in. Apparently this issue is hereditary, so thanks Granny! I just wish the orthotics were covered by insurance because they’re expensive!

2023-09-08 14.29.43

Work has gotten a little better, but there’s some other stuff that’s just been really stressing me out lately. It is really affecting my mental health, if I’m being honest. Here’s my

2023-09-01 11.02.11

Last week, I started a Pottery wheel class through the city. These are the 2 creations I made the first night. It’s hard! I’ll talk more next week after my 2nd class.

2023-09-05 20.16.29

Saturday we went out to Seale, AL for a friend of Rob’s daughter.


2023-09-09 15.47.17

How’s life going for you?

2 thoughts on “Week 35 & 36:2023

  1. Joanne

    Happy anniversary! Life has been pretty quiet and easy lately. I’m finding lots of time to read and hike and shop.

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