Week 33 [2021]

By | August 23, 2021

So this is how Week 33 (August 16-22, 2021) got started…a parking ticket while at work! Lovely!

2021-08-16 10.58.16

Let me back up and just say this last week was…Wow so many ways to describe this last week. The weekend going into last week, I wasn’t feeling well and with the week being super important, I had no time to have this sinus infection. I had a scratchy throat, congestion, headache (face felt swollen like when you have a sinus infection), terrible body aches. Sunday night I found a bottle of antibiotics that I never took, so I decided that I would take that and if I started feeling better then obviously this was in fact a sinus infection and I would move about my week. I had more training to do at work with my new student hires for this semester. Wednesday night I was supposed to head up to camp to work a Walk to Emmaus retreat. blah blah blah

Two hours after taking the antibiotic, my body aches and headaches were gone and I was like, “ok good! This must not be C0vid.” So I went to work and did my training and still didn’t feel great, but I made it thorough the day. That night, I laid in bed tossing and turning and just felt awful, so I got on my phone and messaged my doctor. The next day the nurse called and said I should come in for a COVID test. They didn’t have any rapid tests, but I couldn’t get a hold of anywhere to make an appointment for a rapid test. I needed to know, so I just went to my doc’s office for the test. While on the way over there my car started steaming out the hood…”I mean really, God?” Rob came over and looked under the hood and we ended up calling AAA to get it towed to be looked at and fixed. It ended up being the radiator.

That night I was cooking dinner and was like, “Hmmm…shouldn’t I smell this?” I went upstairs and sprayed some body spray right in front of my face and…nothing! I had lost my sense of smell. Well, DANG! That meant, no Walk to Emmaus, no giving my talk that I had had prepared since this Walk was supposed to be in March of 2020 and postponed because of COVID. No going back to work for a while. I was bummed! I notified Missy who was the Director for this Walk to let her know there was a possibility I could have COVID and to have a backup plan.

2021-08-19 14.15.01

The next morning I woke up feeling like trash, so I messaged Missy to tell her for sure that I wasn’t going to be able to work the retreat. Before 8am, I got the call that my test was indeed “positive”.

I wished I would have written down my day to day symptoms, because honestly they were all over the place. Symptoms also would go and come back, which was odd. I had congestion and gunk in my throat that was bothersome. The headaches and body aches were pretty terrible. Exhaustion. Dizziness. Lack of appetite. Terrible sweats anytime I tried to get up to do something around the house.

I am thankful though that I didn’t have it worse.

UPDATE: I’m 99% I did not give it to anyone else, which I worried about…because worrying is what I do best (unfortunately).

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