Week 32 [2021]

By | August 16, 2021

Today’s post is showing a few quick highlights from August 9-15, 2021. This week was intercession at work, which means we’re in between semesters.

Here is my work family minus our newest staff member, Cedric.

Alex started his senior year!

2021-08-10 16.58.02

Rob and I went to eat at the new Whataburger in Opelika. It was so good! This Texas girl was so happy.

2021-08-12 19.11.25

It was a very full week of preparing for the new semester for me at work. Friday was my big day of training. Although only 9 of my 14 new hires were able to come due to Rush week. This is my biggest hiring class so far. I am a bit overwhelmed by everything going on right now, work wise and personally.

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