Week 1 & 2 [2022]

By | January 21, 2022

This year already has had some ups and downs. This is a busy time of year for me with the beginning of the semester, and here I am trying to play catch up already. Here is Week 1 & 2 posts for January 3 – 16, 2022.

Jan. 3rd was first day back for the new year and luckily we had a full week of intercession before it was time to train new students for the semester.

2022-01-04 13.56.36

Monday and Tuesday that week were great and then Tuesday evening my face started looking very red and itchy. Without going into the long drawn out story I ended up missing the rest of the week at work because my face looked so terrible. Swollen, itchy, wrinkled to a point I looked terrible. My face ended up peeling worse than any sunburn I’ve ever seen. It was just constantly shedding skin. This is so gross, but I could literally take my fingernails and scratch down my face and my nails would be full of skin. Not only gross, but painful and itchy and very scary to see your face so cracked with wrinkles like you’ve never seen before. I messaged my doctor and he prescribed some predisone. At first we were thinking it was an allergic reaction to 2 facial products I had started (cleaners & moisturizer), but after 2 days of the Prednisone not working, I was starting to think it was more like a burn or irritation…hence the skin constantly peeling off. The soonest they could get me into a dermatologist was Monday.

Peeling like I’ve never peels on my face before

2022-01-06 09.43.07

Wrinkles especially on my forehead and eye area. Scary!

2022-01-07 10.51.11

Besides my face really hurting, I was also quite depressed so I stayed in bed a good part of each day. Katniss kept me company.

2022-01-06 07.33.36

Luckily over the weekend everything was starting to get better. Still not back to normal, but I didn’t have the wrinkles of an 80 year old smoker. The dermatologist believe it was both allergic reaction and pretty bad irritation from both the products I used. He prescribed a Cortisone cream and everything is pretty much back to normal now.

I hate I had to miss 3 and half days of work for this. I am lucky I have tons of sick days accumulated.

I sent plant shopping to cheer myself up and came back with all this!

2022-01-08 15.06.46

My new favorite breakfast. Everything Bagel seasoning on toast made with Food For Life Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain Bread and avocado. So good!

2022-01-10 06.42.37-1

Toomer’s Corner after a men’s basketball win over our arch rival, Alabama. They had already started cleaning it up.
2022-01-12 06.54.30e

I’ve been trying to get more steps in by taking a couple short breaks at work and walk for a few minutes on campus. Here’s a pic of the stadium. Fresh air. Getting out of the building. Seeing campus. It’s nice.

2022-01-10 09.59.17

Last weekend Drew and Caitlyn went to Oxford, MS for the AU vs Ole Miss game. They asked if I could dog sit, which I did of course.

2022-01-15 13.12.42

It was a busy day with their 2 dogs and my dog. Here’s Bigsby in the backyard.

2022-01-15 12.12.41

Buster’s always easy. He sleeps a lot, but what can you say with a 15 year old dog.

2022-01-15 10.54.59

That same weekend Rob and Alex were in Gatlinburg with the scouts skiing.

2022-01-15 17.48.02

How has your new year started off?

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