Traditional Holiday Recipes

By | November 26, 2021

When you are getting ready for the holidays, one of the first things that comes to mind is the food. What are types of dishes do you think of when it comes to the holidays? Here’s 3 traditional recipe ideas…

Holiday Recipes You Need To Know

Roast Turkey
Most people think of turkey when it comes to a traditional holiday meat! You need to know how to properly roast a turkey, and the truth is that it is pretty easy to do so as long as you focus on it in the right way and know what you are doing. Roasting a turkey is all about preparing the bird, rubbing the outside with oil, salt and pepper and herbs, and then stuffing it with the right kind of stuffing. If you can do that, it is going to be a delicious turkey.

Knowing how to make stuffing is important to have with the turkey. How do you like to make your stuffing or dressing? There are many different ways to make it. It’s actually a pretty easy dish to put together. If you are just looking for a basic recipe that you can whip together at the last second, you can simply cut up onions, celery, garlic. Add some herbs and throw it all in a bowl with breadcrumbs or cornbread (if you’re like me) and egg yolks. Then you mix it all together in a bowl and press into a baking dish and bake. Truthfully, stuffing is such a simple dish that you can easily fancy it up with whatever flavors you prefer.

With turkey and stuffing, you always need a delicious gravy. I really enjoy the Cajun gravy, but if you want to start with a more simple recipe all you need is pan drippings, butter, flour, and some herbs. Heat the pan drippings, add in the melted butter, and bring to a boil. Slowly add in flour and whisk quickly to ensure no clumps form. Add herbs. Bring to a boil, while consistently whisking. then reduce to low heat for about 8 minutes.

Additionally, these Christmas recipes cover all the necessary fixins’ for more great holiday recipe ideas as well!

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