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When planning your next vacation, you have probably been busy researching your travel itinerary, booking flights, and organizing documents. One thing that may not have spent too much time over is planning how and what to pack in your suitcase. Packing for your vacation is for many people, a last-minute dash. The rush to get items that you need to take away with you washed and ready to pack is often a race against time. You may even find yourself hurriedly packing your suitcase right up until you leave your house for the airport. While packing may often be an afterthought, it shouldn’t be. A poorly packed bag can get your trip off to a negative start and can impact the enjoyment of your whole trip. From much needed items that are accidentally left at home, to clothing and jewelry that becomes ruined on your journey, there are plenty of things that can go wrong if you don’t plan your packing carefully.

Share Your Suitcase
If you are traveling as a family, it could be a wise idea to split your packing across suitcases. Picture the scenario; you are waiting patiently at the baggage reclaim, excitedly anticipating leaving the airport and getting your vacation started. Each member of your party grabs their suitcase when they appear on the carousel, and you wait and wait, but your bag does not show up. Dealing with a lost suitcase at the airport is stressful enough, but being without your clothing and essentials can make your trip miserable. Who wants to spend their vacation wearing clothes borrowed from their partner? To prevent any baggage reclaim disasters, it can be useful to share a suitcase and pack half of your clothes in with another family members’ case so that you will at least have some of your stuff if the worst does happen and your luggage goes missing.

Pack Carefully
Packing with care is the best way to get all your belongings to your destination in one piece. Opening your suitcase to discover that your favorite necklace is now a knotted mess and that a full bottle of sunscreen has exploded over your clothes is something that you don’t want to deal with on your vacation.

To prevent any luggage mishaps, you need the right travel accessories. A Roam Often jewelry case is an ideal travel solution to carry your jewelry safely so that you arrive at your destination without tangled necklaces and broken earrings. Another useful travel accessory to include in your luggage is a waterproof pouch for storing sunscreen and toiletries so that if there are any spillages, the liquid will be contained rather than spilling out across your stuff.

Taking a little time to get your packing just right is well worth the effort to help you prevent any stressful luggage-related situations, and to allow you to relax and focus on enjoying your vacation. Once you have prepared your luggage and packed carefully the first time, it is sure to become second nature.

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