In the last couple of years, I have quit writing posts to recap my week or month and while many of you might not find them interesting, I enjoy looking back through time and remembering what was going on. I think I’m going to start doing a weekly post on Mondays called “The Weekly.” I’ve seen this from some other bloggers and I kinda dig it.

The Weekly

– Every Monday when I drop Alex off at scouts I make the block and I see my building where I work on campus. It really looks cool at night.
– Last week I made a big pan of chicken alfredo and got a new wine to try, which I ended up really liking.
– Thursday nights are my night to watch my 5 nieces and nephews and I bring dinner to them. Here’s the little one who love ketchup so much he licked the plate!
– It’s fun coming home to Katniss. One day she was sitting on the brick ledge at the front door.
– I started physical therapy this week to try and alleviate neck pain, which is causing daily headaches. This this tiger is in the waiting room.
– Over the weekend, one my nieces stayed with me part of the weekend. She loves Uncle Rob’s Smartie Pops while losing herself in a TV show.

-Friday night my niece, Elly, came and spent the night with me while her sister and mom went to Atlanta for a dance competition.
-Saturday, I enjoyed lunch at Niffer’s with one of my former students, Rachel. Since graduating, she has moved to Huntsville, AL where she has a good job now. I always love getting to catch up with her. The lasting friendships that come out being a student supervisor is the best part of the job.
-At work, our new dean started which has been long awaited.
-Rob and Alex left midday on Friday to go to Florida on a Boy Scout Trip to swim with the manatees.
-Like I said earlier, I started physical therapy this week. I have been getting daily headaches mainly caused by tension in my neck. My PT, Christy did a different type of therapy on my; neck exercises and dry needling, which is supposed to relax the muscles where inserted. The jury is still out on that.
-One day I was scrolling through FB and saw a clip from a sermon series they’re doing at Highland Park UMC, which happens to be where my Dad got married the 2nd time. The series is called The Marriage Project. I listened to both preachers version of each Sunday. So inspiring!

Watched lots of Youtube:
Mari Johnson – Just found this travel vlogger who is going to starting the PCT in the Spring
Peter McKinnon – one of my all time favorites. I don’t miss or skip too many of his videos.
Anna Akana – Monica Church mentioned her in one of her videos, so I decided to give her a try. Didn’t fall in love with her videos so far.
Monica Church/Other Monica – Monica is another one of my favorite vloggers, who I don’t miss or skip her videos. She’s got 2 channels that are both great.
Cosmopolitan Cornbread – I met Constance when I was a contributor for Alabama Women Bloggers (that actually went away after I quit writing for it.) Constance is homesteader who captivates my attention with all of videos. She inspires me!

So that sums up my week, or least everything I can remember! I hope this week to make notes so that on Sunday night, I won’t have such a hard time remembering everything. Hope you have a great week!

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