The Weekly [9.6-12.2020]

By | September 18, 2020

My brain…is just. I dunno. I thought I posted this, but apparently didn’t! Here’s my weekly post from last week.
Saturday Drew came over and hung out with us and watch baseball and football with Rob. Caitlyn ended up coming over for dinner and Rob made his Chicken & Sausage Bowties. I also pulled out the wine we got on our day trip to St. Augustine because I promised Drew we’d not drink it without him.

2020-09-12 20.11.44-2

I finally got a bag of soil so I could start lettuce and spinach seeds like this. Growing Salad Greens in a Bag of Soil

2020-09-10 17.16.11

With Rob decorating his home office, he started searching for bobblehead and that lead to looking for baseball cards. We went to Michael’s to pick up a couple display frames for baseball cards. He decided he wanted to get cards for all the Auburn baseball players who played in the majors. Here’s his mail for the first day!

2020-09-11 15.59.33

Some of my peppers are finally exploded with blooms. The red peppers are Shishito; dark green are Jalapenos; and the light green is a Cubanelle.

2020-09-10 10.22.12

I found this little guy hanging out on my bean plant that has yet to produce a single bean, btw. I finally fertilized them, so I’m seeing some flowers now! This guy found a great spot in the shade of the plant.

2020-09-06 12.17.50

Something I think I forgot to mention last week was about my trip to the doctor. I had sort of a check up since my last appointment was over the phone because of COVID. He ended switching my blood pressure meds, which I think are causing terrible side effect of bad body aches. However, what I really wanted to deal with there was to see what he thought about my issue with swallowing. He recommended an endoscopy, which is what I figured he would do. So I have that appointment on the 28th, I’ll probably write a post once everything is figured out and we have. Please say prayers as I’m scared to death of the endoscopy process!

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  1. Laura Bambrick

    That little frog is so cute! I’ve never seen seeds started directly in a soil bag, but how convenient! I need to check out the post you linked to! It’s a great idea!

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